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Oct 12, 2016 /
March 2016 alone saw a string of major terrorist attacks around the world—including in Ivory Coast, Belgium, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey—that together killed more than 100 people. The drumbeat of attacks seems horrifyingly constant, and underscores the fact that nearly 15 years since the United... more
Oct 12, 2016 /
Discours de Youssef Seddik: Philosophe, poète et anthropologue, dans le cadre du forum Fikra 2015, visant encourager la génération jeune au succès. Continuez à regarder la vidéo ici
Oct 12, 2016 /
Ces dernières années, le débat sur l’immigration a perdu toute rationalité et objectivité au profit d’une instrumentalisation, voire d’une diabolisation de l’immigration et de ses effets économiques, sociaux ou culturels. Il est devenu difficile d’avoir un débat serein sur les chiffres réels comme... more
Oct 12, 2015 / Report/Study
Oct 06, 2015 / Blog
Despite their geographical and cultural proximity, Europe and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (SEMC) have still not developed a real common economic strategy, as Japan managed to do in the 1960s in Asia, or Germany in the 1990s with Central and Eastern European countries. Yet each... more
Sep 16, 2015 / Blog
In September 2015, Arab countries will need to commit to contributing to the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Achieving them poses an even greater challenge since the Arab Spring has reversed the social and economic progress that these countries had experienced at the beginning of... more
Nov 17, 2014 / Blog
By Elyès Jouini* The Tunisian economy is currently in very bad shape.  An economic policy focused on rent-seeking for the benefit of a minority with cozy ties to the political power has replaced a consumption-driven economic policy, based on short-term concerns.   The social situation is worrisome... more