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Oct 29, 2018 / Blog
In 2017, the U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, estimated that globally 68.5 million people had been forcefully displaced—the worst such crisis since World War II. Of these, 40 million were internally displaced peoples (IDPs), 25.4 million were refugees, and 3.1 million were asylum seekers. Over half were... more
Sep 05, 2018 / Report/Study
Water scarcity is pervasive throughout the Middle East and North Africa and getting worse. Even before the recent political turmoil, several countries in the Middle East and North Africa were struggling to manage their water resources sustainably and to expand water supply and sanitation services... more
Aug 30, 2018 / Report/Study
This paper  by the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization addresses violent and exclusionary forms of nationalism through the prism of Global Citizenship Education. 
Aug 23, 2018 / Blog
In a globalized and interconnected world, characterized by a technological revolution affecting all countries, and by a landmark event, involving Europe above all, which is linked to the largest migration in the history of mankind, the Universities must discover a new mission, a new role and a new... more
Aug 01, 2018 / Video
The Mediterranean Youth for Water (MedYWat) brings together young professionals, researchers and civil society members working in the water sector from around the Mediterranean. In this video, MedYWat members explain what the community is and what is in it for them   ميديوات في عيون أعضائها تجمع... more
Apr 16, 2018 / Blog
For so long women have represented the symbol of resilience. In the water sector they are no different. In the Middle East and North Africa, the world’s most water-stressed region, women are playing their part in protecting water and fighting water scarcity.    This project was initiated during the... more
Apr 09, 2018 / Report/Study
Le présent guide s’adresse aux collectivités locales et plus spécifiquement aux responsables de l’éclairage public. Il a pour objectif de présenter les principaux modes de gestion et d’organisation de l’éclairage public par les Communes. Le document comporte les 6 aspects ci dessous: 1.... more
Apr 09, 2018 / Report/Study
Le présent guide s’adresse aux collectivités locales et plus spécifiquement aux responsables de l’éclairage public. Il a pour objectif de présenter les notions de bases concernant l’électricité, l'éclairage, le réseau et les paramètres à prendre en considération pour penser et intervenir sur l'... more
Apr 09, 2018 / Report/Study
Le REMAGP met à disposition des communes intéressées un catalogue de bonnes pratiques portant sur les approches participatives au Maroc . Il vise à travers sa démarche à valoriser les leviers à disposition des villes pour assurer une meilleure implication et participation en partant de l’... more
Mar 27, 2018 / Blog
Why development?   Violent extremism and development are inextricably linked. Violent extremism is a major obstacle in the path of development, so understanding and preventing it becomes a high priority for development actors. What’s more, since the right development policies can help address the... more
Mar 08, 2018 / Video
Within the framework of the “Mediterranean Economic Week”, CMI hosted a conference on 21 November 2017, entitled “Towards Clean Energy for the Mediterranean: The Role of Regional Integration in Electricity Markets”. In this video CMI Director Blanca Moreno Dodson talks about CMI role and efforts in... more
Mar 08, 2018 / Video
Le 21 novembre 2017 et dans le cadre de la “Semaine Economique de la Méditerranée, le Centre pour l’Intégration en Méditerranée a tenu une conférence intitulée ‘’Vers une énergie propre pour la Méditerranée : le rôle de l’intégration régionale des marchés de l’électricité’’. Houda Allal, Directrice... more