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Apr 18, 2017 / Video
Apr 18, 2017 / Video
Mar 13, 2017 / Blog
There was silence in the room. No one seemed to want to speak up. I asked again: “what are the most important challenges that you face every day?” Suba, a young woman in her early 20s living in Tripoli, one of the regions with the highest poverty levels and concentration of Syrian refugees in... more
Mar 13, 2017 / Report/Study
Mar 07, 2017 / Report/Study
In line with SAHWA’s methodology -based on a mixed method- these National Case Studies (NCS) summarise the main findings coming from the Ethnographic Fieldwork and SAHWA Youth Survey with a focus on the national level (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia). Basically, every National Case... more
Feb 22, 2017 / Blog
In a country with high youth unemployment—such as Egypt—could it be that young people can develop new solutions? Can young, creative minds come up with new ideas that have never been considered or tested? Are young people themselves the answer to solving the unemployment challenge?   Continue... more
Jan 31, 2017 / Report/Study
Dans les pays de la Méditerranée, malgré l’élévation rapide du niveau d’études des jeunes, l’insertion sociale d’une fraction de la jeunesse est longue et difficile. Or, pour appuyer l’action en faveur des jeunes, il parait indispensable de bien connaître leur situation, mais aussi leurs attentes.... more
Jan 31, 2017 / Report/Study
Sixth in the series, Arab Human Development Report (AHDR) 2016: Youth and the Prospects for Human Development in a Changing Reality examines challenges and opportunities facing youth in the region, especially since the transformative changes that had swept across many Arab countries in 2011.
Oct 12, 2015 / Report/Study