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Migration, Climate Change, and Water Management Stakeholder Mapping: Cases of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

Sep 09, 2022

This work serves as the foundation for a full investigation of how stakeholders interact at the organizational and/or managerial level. The report aims to improve understanding of mandates, operational modalities, and the range of activities in addition to describing the hierarchical structures of the stakeholders. This will help to clarify how the various stakeholders interact with one another in an effort to identify gaps and opportunities. Additionally, an examination of how stakeholders identified themselves, their responsibilities, and their declared actions in regard to migration, climate change, and water management was carried out.


The report was produced in the context of the CMI-led program on “Water Security Nexus in North Africa: Catalyzing Regional Coordination Around Climate Change, Resilience and Migration”, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). 


Citation: Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) (2020). Stakeholders Mapping: Case of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. “The Water Security Nexus in North Africa – Catalyzing Regional Coordination Around Climate Change, Resilience and Migration” Project. Marseille: Center for Mediterranean Integration and UNOPS


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