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Territorial Cohesion and Inclusive Growth in a Mediterranean Region Undergoing Transition

Status: Completed
  • Starts: Nov 06, 2015 Ends: Nov 06, 2015  
    Location: Villa Mediterranée, Marseille, France


    Event organized as part of the Mediterranean Economic Week, held in Marseille on November 4-7th, 2015, on the topic of « Cities and Territories, Drivers of Economic Development in the Mediterranean »


    Lead Organisations

    Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

    Event organised in the context of the Mediterranean Economic Week.



    Mediterranean cities and regions have strong economic and cultural assets, but they also have been displaying inequalities. Territorial cohesion and inclusive growth have always been major issues challenging their capacity to reconcile their diversities while assuring socio-spatial cohesion.



    With a focus on this topic the objective of the meeting was to initiate a debate between donors, civil society, local authorities, businesses and youth representatives from both rims of the Mediterranean focusing on inequality and inclusion, two challenges faced by Mediterranean cities and territories.


    The conference questioned  the following topics:


    1. 1. Which policies for territorial cohesion in the Mediterranean?
    2. 2. Is decentralization a tool for territorial cohesion?
    3. 3. How to act in favor for inclusive growth for young people?
    4. 4. How to renew the social contract and restore trust?



    The event convened and leveraged a multilevel regional dialogue: This conference stimulated dialogue among development institutions, civil society, youth and national and local authorities in order to find common solutions to enhance territorial cohesion and inclusive growth.



    Program, available in English and French

    Synthesis of the discussions, available in English and French


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    Territorial Cohesion and Inclusive Growth in the Mediterranean