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[New Website] Dialogue of the Two Shores


    Background & Context

    The Summit of the Two Shores, an initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron took place in Marseille on 24 June 2019. Building on unprecedented consultations with Mediterranean civil society, this event aims to boost cooperation between countries in the Western Mediterranean by implementing projects that support human, economic and sustainable development in the region.

    A number of projects lead by the Mediterranean civil society to benefit coaching and financial support.

    The CMI was fully mobilized as a key technical partner of the “Summit of the Two Shores”. In its unique position as a multi-partner collaborative platform and through its institutional, academic, civil society partners, on both national and local levels, the CMI has contributed to the identification of regional projects and initiatives to reinvigorate the Mediterranean area, which is key for the stability of the region and the world.

    In November 2019, Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, tasked the CMI in creating a digital platform associated with the projects selected at the Summit.


    In 2020, the “Summit of the Two Shores” was renamed “Dialogue of the Two Shores” to reflect more accurately the ongoing dynamic for a new and inclusive Mediterranean.




    The platform seeks to promote the projects led by the civil society and that by achieving the following:


    1. Connecting leaders of the selected civil society projects with current and potential financial actors by:


    a. Enabling international public and private investors to obtain information on projects and their financing needs

    b. Offering a secure exchange space (intranet) between investors and project holders


    2. Informing the general public and the media about the projects and their development




    The platform which has been online in November 2020, has been developed with CEIS.

    It is currently in its first version. More projects, info and features will be added and integrated with time.

    It is currently structured as follows:

    • It is bilingual: French and English
    • It offers two interfaces: one visible by everyone and one accessible only by project holders and by concerned investors to ensure a secure exchange
    • It aims to be user friendly by enabling a smooth browsing.
    • Visitors can filter projects per category:

              a. Cities, Culture and Heritage

              b. Environment, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy

              c. Mobility, Training and Entrepreneurship

    • They can also browse by International organizations / financing bodies and see projects each is supporting
    • It features a “News” section for general announcements, info, and events
    • Those who wish can subscribe to a coming soon newsletter