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Information Platform on Concentrating Solar Power in MENA

  • Rationale


    The MENA region is rich in solar resources, which harnessed through technologies such as Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) could help countries in the region meet their growing energy needs with clean power. However, some obstacles remain in the implementation of this technology, including lack of awareness amongst some stakeholders. The new MENA CSP KIP web-based information platform aims to tackle this by providing high quality information on CSP technology, project finance, and the value of CSP as part of the energy mix. Much of the information is presented in Arabic and French languages, as well as English, extending the reach of this website amongst readers across the MENA region. The CMI supported the development of the platform.




    The key activities to be rolled out in 2017 under the MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program are:

    Just-in-Time Assistance

    The Just-in-Time facility, administered primarily through a multilingual web-based platform, will connect demands for expertise (e.g. questions needing rapid answers, support for designing bidding documents and other aspects of project development) with experts who can respond.


    Web-based Knowledge Exchange


    This activity will include newsletters and a web-based platform to disseminate information about the about the Knowledge and Innovation Program itself.

    The aim is to link project sponsors, governments, financiers, investors, and technology and service providers to help development of CSP projects and related industries/services.

    It will serve mainly as centralized platform to guide counterparts to the right sources of information, and will be offered in English, French, and Arabic.


    In-Depth Technical Support

    The provision of focused, in-depth technical support, including through projects funded by small grants, to generate and transfer knowledge that will stimulate CSP decision-making, local impact, and innovation.

    Face-to-Face Knowledge Exchange and Cooperation


    This activity will bring together decision makers and stakeholders for knowledge exchange events to distill lessons from the MENA CSP experience, to draw on lessons from the rest of the world, and to foster the ties necessary for development of investment projects.

    Capacity Building and Training


    This activity will provide training on CSP-related topics, and support the development of training from national facilities. It will include training programs and adapted courses, following a knowledge assessment of the participating countries.

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