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Regional Mediterranean Workshop on Desalination, Non Revenue Water Reduction and Public-Private Partnership under Water Scarcity

  • Starts: Dec 12, 2016
  • Ends: Dec 14, 2016
  • Location: Marseille, France
  • By: CMI and the Global Water Practice of the World Bank Group
  • CMI
  • Context and Rationale

    Currently almost a quarter of humanity live in countries of physical water scarcity, and this number may double in the next two decades. The challenge is particularly acute in the Mediterranean region, which is both the most water scarce region in the world and one of the most urbanized.

    Faced with dwindling resources and escalating urban water demand, most utilities in the Mediterranean region are struggling to move from a traditional segmented approach to urban water management (characterized by unsustainable water abstraction, high leakages in distribution networks and poor demand management) to more efficient and integrated urban water management practices.


    A number of water utilities in the Mediterranean have had substantial success in tackling physical water scarcity by inter alia using desalination to diversify water resources and hedge against drought risks, reducing leakages from distribution, and adopting a more integrated approach to managing the water cycle under conditions of scarcity. Across the Mediterranean region and beyond, countries characterized by common scarcity challenges exhibit a diversity of responses and achievements. Therefore, there is tremendous scope for sharing and promoting practical knowledge and improve water management practices. 



    The objectives of the workshop are to facilitate knowledge exchange between countries of the Mediterranean region confronted with water scarcity on the one hand, and learn from best practices both within the region and beyond. The focus of the workshop will be on approaches that can help better manage supply and demand through desalination and Non Revenue Water reduction with the help of the private sector.


    Targeted Audience 

    Participants from the Mediterranean region, including governments’ delegations, private sector representatives, donors and NGOs. 


    Expected Results

    Expected results from this workshop include: 

    • The development of a network of practitioners working in water-scarce cities in the Mediterranean region and beyond. 
    • A report outlining the main points from the presentations made during the workshop and the discussion that took place. 
    • A web page where presentations and related material, as well the workshop report can be uploaded and shared externally.  


    Agenda (EN, FR)

    Summery Report (EN) 


    Participants Presentations


    Marseille CMI December 12-14, 2016


    Mediterranean Regional Technical Meeting


    Dealing with water scarcity through desalination, non-revenue water reduction and PPPs



    Setting The Stage – Dealing with Water Scarcity In The Mediterranean: Why Issues Of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction, Desalination, Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) And PPP Are Coming To The Forefront In The Region (Steven Schonberger, Water Practice Manager Water MENA, WB)


    Setting the stage – Dealing with Water Scarcity in the Mediterranean (Stéphane Dahan, Sr. Water Specialist, WB)


    Dealing with water scarcity: EU policies and regulations (Thierry Davy, Sr. Water Resources Specialist, WB – Marta Moren Abat, DG Env EC)


    Why NRW Reduction Has Proved So Challenging? The Potential Of Performance-Based Contracting (PBC) For Efficient NRW Reduction (Bill Kingdom, Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist, WB)


    Desalination technologies and economics: capex, opex and technological game changers to come (Carlos Cosin, Sr. Desalination Expert, World Bank Consultant)


    Procuring Desalination Infrastructure and Services: Choosing The Right Contractual Arrangement And Financial Structure  (Philippe Marin & Zael Sanz, Sr. Water and Sanitation Specialists, WB)


    Défis de l’approvisionnement et de la gestion de l’eau (Deka Khaireh / Mohamed Ahmed ONEAD, Djibouti)


    Greek experience with water management under extreme water scarcity, with special emphasis on islands (Mr. Petroulias, President of Hellenic Water Association)


    Cyprus Experience with Desalination and Non-Revenue Water Reduction (Mr. Neocleous, Director of Cyprus Water Department)


    Cyprus Experience with Desalination and Non-Revenue Water Reduction (Mr. Neocleous, Director of Cyprus Water Department and Bambos Charalambous NRW and Water Utility Specialist World Bank Consultant)


    Use Of Non-Conventional Resources On EU Med Islands: The GWP Med Experience

    Governance & Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector: A snapshot

    (Konstantina Toli, Senior Program officer, Global Water Partnership)


    Marrakech Integrated Urban Water Management approach (Mrs Malika Belkouadssi, Director, ONEE & Stéphane Dahan, Sr. Water Specialist, WB)


    Water management under extreme scarcity: case of San Diego county in Western USA (Bob Yamada, Director San Diego Water Authority)


    Management Contract For Water Services In JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – Lessons On NRW Reduction (Fabien Mainguy, Suez)


    The Spanish institutional approach for desalination – The public corporation model (Fermin Lopez Unzu, Operations Manager, ACUAMED.)


    The Algerian national PPP desalination program (Presenter: Mr. Khaled Gasmi, Legal Advisor, Algerian Energy Company. Panelists: Alonso Zapata, Concessions Manager, GS Inima; Mohamed Sebanne, Acciona Agua)


    The Sorek desalination BOT project: the largest SWRO desalination plant in the World (Mr. Ronen Wolfman, Chief Financial Officer, Hutchinson Water)


    Australian Desalination Plants: PPP Models and Solutions for the Environment (Domingo Zarzo, Technical Manager, Valoriza Agua; Miguel Angel Sanz, Strategic Development Manager, Suez)


    PPP’s & Minimizing Carbon Footprint in SWRO Desalination (Miguel Angel SANZ Director of Strategic Development - SUEZ Treatment Infrastructure IDA Director – SP2017 World Congress Technical Chair)


    North Africa Perspectives (Alonso Zapata Concessions Manager & Business Development GS Inima / Spain – South Korea)


    The Water: Opportunities and Challenges (Jamal Krayem, CEO North Lebanon Water Establishment)


    Strategie De La Reduction Du NRW à La Sonede Defis & Perspectives (Mondher Ban Aich, Direction Centrale des Econnomies de l’eau, SONEDE, Tunisie)


    Managing Water Scarcity in the Mediterranean (Water Global Practice, World Bank)


    Thermal Desalination Market Perspective, the Water-Energy Nexus, and the Particularities of the IWPP Model (Emilio Ghiazza Italy)


    Water Management in Gaza (The Palestinian Water Authority)


    Water in Turkey (Gamze TÜRKMEN, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Turkey)


    Donor presentation: MIGA (World Bank Group)