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What is a University Degree Worth in the Arab World?

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Sep 17, 2015 / 0 Comments
Photo by: Ramzi Maalouf

Graduation—a long-awaited day in most students' lives. Yet, according to Amir Fakih, himself a recent graduate from Lebanon’s Notre Dame University, a graduation ceremony also comes with grievances. To illustrate his perception of the future for Lebanon’s young university graduates, he decided to dress himself in his graduation gown doing low-income jobs.


Amir, in his final stage of his university degree, was wandering the streets of Hamra, an educated and well-off district of the Lebanese capital of Beirut, when the idea came to him. Dressed in his graduation gown, he portrayed himself in what he considered potential future jobs: as a cashier in a local food shop, a waiter in a café, a flower vendor on the street, or even a beggar on the pavement.


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