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Jan 11, 2021 / Program
Context: In the Mediterranean, youth are bearing the brunt of the crises and undergoing exclusion on the economic, social and political levels, with high unemployment and a lack of opportunities to take part in public life. Nevertheless, they represent the Mediterranean region’s best opportunity. A... read more
Feb 07, 2018 / Program
Context and Rationale   Forced displacement is among the most pressing challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean region. As after six years of Syrian conflict, 92% of refugees reside outside camps.  Their socio-economic inclusion with regards to access to labor and income is still insufficient and... read more
Sep 28, 2016 / Program
Context/ Rationale   The high influx of refugees in the Eastern Mediterranean region continues to pose challenges to host local governments, as according to UNHCR the vast majority of Syrian refugees live in urban areas, with around only 8 per cent accommodated in refugee camps. Most of the... read more
Aug 14, 2013 / Program
The event included a brief presentation of the findings of the report as well as interventions from high-level “practitioners” from the South of the Mediterranean. The event also discussed concrete ways and means to take forward the Knowledge Economy agenda. The 60 participants included decision... read more
Aug 14, 2013 / Program
The EU-funded FP7 bilateral project EU-Tunisia ETC (European Tunisian Cooperation) a network for the coordination of science and technology cooperation, organized an EU-Med conference event in Tunis which brought together experts, policy makers, and practitioners in research and innovation to... read more
Aug 14, 2013 / Program
The CMI, UTICA, ISESCO, and other partners organized the high-level knowledge economy consultation, “L'Economie de la connaissance et de l'innovation: Un nouveau modèle de développement pour la Tunisie.” This was another example of timely policy advice that was delivered at the request of Tunisian... read more
Aug 14, 2013 / Program
The event was jointly organized with the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research and partners such as the EIB and ISESCO. As a follow-up to a request from the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research, the objective was to organize a consultation and workshop on ways to move ahead on a knowledge... read more
Aug 08, 2013 / Program
Launch of the Global Innovation Index 2013 - The Local Dynamics of Innovation.  This GII 2013 report contains Chapter 6:  Local Innovation Dynamics: Examples and Lessons from the Arab world, by Jean-Eric Aubert, Tamer Taha, and Anuja Utz, CMI, 2013. Full report available... read more
Jun 19, 2013 / Program
Anuja Utz, CMI Task Team Leader and main contributor to the report said its approach reflects the rich differences in challenges and opportunities across the MENA region. “Given the diversity of the Arab world, the study does not provide a cookie-cutter approach.” she said. “It offers examples of... read more
Jun 15, 2013 / Program
Knowledge has always been central to development. To cope with the daunting challenges they face, particularly the need to create jobs and to develop more productive economies, Arab countries would do well to embrace a strategy for a knowledge-and innovation-driven economy. This is the main issue... read more
Apr 25, 2013 / Program
As a follow up to demand from the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance, the CMI organized a national consultation:  "Un nouveau modèle de développement pour le Maroc: Quelle feuille de route pour l’économie fondée sur la connaissance?" on April 9 at ISESCO HQ in Rabat.  This high level... read more
Oct 02, 2012 / Program
  On June 25-26, 2012 the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) co-organized a regional workshop to discuss the draft report entitled Transforming Arab Economies: The Knowledge and Innovation Road at the ISESCO offices... read more
Oct 02, 2012 / Program
  The main challenge in the MENA region today is to create more, better paid, decent, and higher quality jobs. A key way for MENA countries to meet this challenge is to invest more in knowledge and innovation related areas and to develop competitive, high productivity, and sustainable economic... read more
Nov 02, 2011 / Program
The Middle East and North Africa region has the highest coastal concentration in the world and most of the forecasted population growth in the region will happen in coastal cities. Indeed, MENA coastal cities are home to over 60 million people today and an estimated 100 million by 2030. In addition... read more
Nov 02, 2011 / Program
This workshop, jointly organized by the CMI, the EIB and the World Bank Institute took place in Villa Valmer, Marseille. The objective of the workshop was to respond to the concerns of science park and incubator managers from the Mediterranean partner countries (MPCs) in order better to identify... read more