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Jan 08, 2020 / Blog
This project leads to the integration of both Syrians and detainees while enhancing economic opportunities through the creation of a confectionery plant in Dohuk’s rehabilitation centers (prisons) for women and minors, who will be trained in the production of sweets and quality carpets under the... more
Dec 17, 2019 / Newsletter
Nov 19, 2019 / Blog
The project aims to provide refugee women with adequate labor skills for securing sustainable income. In addition, it also envisages to fulfill their basic needs. Trips in the city and sale stands provide social cohesion and socialization.   Lead Authority or Organization: Family, Women Support and... more
Nov 07, 2019 / Newsletter
Oct 17, 2019 / Blog
RESCUE aims to help the Partner Country Universities in Iraq (KRG), Lebanon, and Jordan in structuring an effective response to the refugee crisis, by creating ad hoc units (the Refugee Student Operational Support Unit – R-SOS). Specific services and ad-hoc solutions will support refugee students... more
Oct 07, 2019 / Newsletter
Sep 12, 2019 / Newsletter
Sep 10, 2019 / Blog
Due to the lack of sufficient infrastructures in health and education and lack of recreational activities, the Union of Municipalities of Middle Bekaa established several institutions to mitigate tensions caused by the high number of refugees and tough economic conditions   Lead Authority or... more
Sep 05, 2019 / Blog
Ghadeer Arafeh and Faissal Aziz, two members of the Mediterranean Youth for Water (MedYWat), won a research grant of 100.000 euros from the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education for their project on “MENARA: Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Promotion of Smart Irrigation Systems... more
Aug 12, 2019 / Report/Study
In this briefing on the legislative package "Clean Energy for all Europeans" - CE4ALL, we explore various options for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries to cooperate with European Union Member States. The focus of cooperation options is in the area of deploying renewable energy... more
Jul 29, 2019 / Report/Study
This working paper was commissioned by the CMI and produced by the following MedYWat Members:     Kholoud Al Ajarma, MedYWat Member, Palestine Ghadeer Arafeh, MedYWat Member, Palestine Faisal Aziz, MedYWat Member, Morocco Lamiss Qdemat, MedYWat Member, Palestine   Under the... more