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May 29, 2020 / Actionable Solution
This article is part of the CMI/FEMISE joint “COVID-19 Med Brief Series”, aimed at addressing the urgent issue of the COVID-19 socio-economic effects and impact on the EU-Mediterranean region.  
May 20, 2020 / Newsletter
May 19, 2020 / Blog
Context   The current global pandemic of COVID-19 is adding new challenges to local authorities hosting refugees. Countries all over the world have imposed internal and international movement restrictions to contain the spread of the virus, while the private sector struggles with the disruption in... more
May 19, 2020 / Blog
*/ CONTEXT AND CHALLENGES The new COVID-19 pandemic has brought pressure to an already fragile context. Local authorities in the Mediterranean already dealing with hosting refugees find themselves at the forefront of a new sanitary crisis. The immediate need for crisis management and health... more
May 14, 2020 / Report/Study
This overview aims to inform members of the CMI Forum on Energy and Climate Change on the energy and climate policy developments in the region and on their implications for the creation of an integrated Euro-Mediterranean energy market. It focuses on EU policy developments, and related legislative... more
May 06, 2020 / Blog
Photo: Nice Tourisme   It has long been understood that the Southern Mediterranean has extremely abundant cheap solar energy resources and plentiful desert land to build it on. With those resources it could supply much of Europe’s green energy demand more cheaply than if Europe relies only on... more
Apr 10, 2020 / Newsletter
Apr 01, 2020 / Blog
Social activities are an essential starting point for a successful integration of Syrian refugees in the host community. This project aims to strengthen communication among all parties to help refugees achieve social stability and mitigate the impact of the economic crisis, as well as help members... more
Mar 10, 2020 / Blog
The empowerment of Refugee women and their self-reliance is increasingly at the center of development programs in local governments hosting forcibly displaced persons in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey target. How about those women who develop such municipal programs and deal with women’s... more