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Sep 15, 2020 / Report/Study
As the first MENA regionwide report on the subject, this report was conceived out of a real need for data and analysis on internationalization, as well as a direct demand from stakeholders including tertiary education institutions in the region. Its primary objectives are to raise awareness on... more
Jun 29, 2020 / Video
French Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian entrusted the CMI with hosting a platform for facilitating and monitoring the implementation of the projects emerging from the Sommet des Deux Rives (Summit of the Two Shores).     The Summit of the Two Shores is an initiative... more
Jun 11, 2020 / Blog
This Opinion piece by Senior Advisor, Dr. Silvia Pariente-David analyses the implications of the COVID-19 crisis on energy markets and on greenhouse gas emissions. It argues that only ambitious green stimulus packages can prevent a massive rebound in emissions, centered on a massive renewable... more
May 14, 2020 / Report/Study
This overview aims to inform members of the CMI Forum on Energy and Climate Change on the energy and climate policy developments in the region and on their implications for the creation of an integrated Euro-Mediterranean energy market. It focuses on EU policy developments, and related legislative... more
May 06, 2020 / Blog
Photo: Nice Tourisme   It has long been understood that the Southern Mediterranean has extremely abundant cheap solar energy resources and plentiful desert land to build it on. With those resources it could supply much of Europe’s green energy demand more cheaply than if Europe relies only on... more
Sep 05, 2019 / Blog
Ghadeer Arafeh and Faissal Aziz, two members of the Mediterranean Youth for Water (MedYWat), won a research grant of 100.000 euros from the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education for their project on “MENARA: Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Promotion of Smart Irrigation Systems... more
Aug 12, 2019 / Report/Study
In this briefing on the legislative package "Clean Energy for all Europeans" - CE4ALL, we explore various options for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries to cooperate with European Union Member States. The focus of cooperation options is in the area of deploying renewable energy... more
Jul 29, 2019 / Report/Study
This working paper was commissioned by the CMI and produced by the following MedYWat Members:     Kholoud Al Ajarma, MedYWat Member, Palestine Ghadeer Arafeh, MedYWat Member, Palestine Faisal Aziz, MedYWat Member, Morocco Lamiss Qdemat, MedYWat Member, Palestine   Under the... more