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Jun 15, 2017 / Video
Entretien avec Baya Aissaoui, gagnante de la compétition "Héros de l'Eau en Méditerranée". Interview with Baya Aissaoui, winner of the "Mediterranean Water Heroes" competition. مقابلة مع بية عيساوي، رابحة مسابقة "ابطال المياه في المتوسط".
Jun 15, 2017 / Video
Entretien avec Tawfik El Moussaoui, gagnant de la compétition "Héros de l'Eau en Méditerranée". Interview with Tawfik El Moussaoui, winner of the "Mediterranean Water Heroes" competition. مقابلة مع توفيق الموسوي، رابح مسابقة "ابطال المياه في المتوسط".
Apr 18, 2017 / Video
Apr 18, 2017 / Video
Feb 08, 2017 / Blog
Lebanon is a small country with a ridge of limestone mountains close to its coast. Most of its fresh water is stored in mountain snowcaps or in the ground, the rest of it washing through cracks and caverns into the sea, feeding the thousands of wells that supply water to the capital of Beirut and... more
Feb 06, 2017 / Blog
The Mediterranean region is affected by numerous aspects of environmental change, including climate change, overexploitation and pollution of air and water. The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has highlighted the region as one of the most vulnerable... more
Dec 27, 2016 /
Sep 26, 2016 / Report/Study
Synthesis report including i) a presentation of the theoretical background of common-pool resources management and the main instruments available, with emphasis on decentralized, local-level solutions as elaborated by Elinor Ostrom (Nobel Prize 2009) and her followers, and ii) a series of... more
Jul 31, 2015 / Press Release
Jul 31, 2015 / Report/Study
The amount of water extracted from aquifers worldwide has increased threefold in the past fifty years, leading to an aggravated overdraft of these common resources. This “pumping race” brings about major adverse economic, environmental and social impacts. However, economic analysis and evidence-... more
Jul 31, 2015 / Report/Study
Pressure on water resources has reached critical levels in many countries in the Mediterranean Basin. Sophisticated water mobilization strategies have been implemented but physical, financial and environmental constraints linked to such supply-side approach demonstrate that better management of... more
Jul 31, 2015 / Report/Study
Gérer la demande en eau impose d’élargir le champ d’analyse des facteurs déterminants de la demande, afin de cibler l’application des instruments économiques pour répondre aux enjeux clés de la gestion de l’eau, en cohérence avec les politiques et instruments sectoriels.