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Jun 29, 2015 / Report/Study
Apr 15, 2015 / Blog
By Maha Abdelilah El-Swais Women currently make up 49.7% of around 345.5 million people in the Middle East and North Africa region. But despite the many advances made in terms of closing the gender gap in health, political representation, and labor force participation, many other... more
Mar 11, 2015 / Report/Study
Mar 11, 2015 / Press Release
The youth NGO “Jeunes Démocrates Indépendants" (JID) has developed an E-platform to help Tunisian citizens reflect upon their political choices for the next elections. The aim of the voting-tool “ikhtiar” (literally: choice in Arabic) is to provide an overview of the political parties and... more
Mar 11, 2015 / Report/Study
Mar 11, 2015 / Report/Study