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Mediterranean Dialogue Forum

Rencontres Valmer

Tags: France / MENA Region / 2012
  • In 2012-2013, the CMI hosted the Rencontres Valmer conference series at the Villa Valmer in Marseille. The main objective was to bring together governments, experts, and journalists from both sides of the Mediterranean to reflect on the economic and social implications of the region’s transformation and to identify the solutions best able to contribute to sustainable development and greater integration in that context. The conference series aimed to address the question: “Beyond the Arab Spring: With MENA in transformation, what are the economic and social implications?”


    The debate aimed to strengthen ongoing discussions and enhance the multi-partner approach. With several international organizations and frameworks involved in the development of the MENA Region, the Rencontres Valmer provided a distinctive contribution by bridging the gap between experts and the practical expertise required in the decision-making process.


    The Rencontres Valmer series aimed to support the communities of practice that can provide new ways to address the socioeconomic challenges of the region. By focusing on strategic regional priorities, such as jobs, food security, and governance, these exchanges produce important linkages to operational activities and advance the broader regional development and integration dialogue.