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Mediterranean Dialogue Forum

Regional Economic Integration

Tags: MENA Region / 2012
  • The CMI hosted the fourth Rencontre Valmer to discuss the challenges of regional economic integration through the lens of the Golden Growth Report. Policy makers, leading economists and CMI program leaders examined the main lessons and findings from the European growth model and the realities of interdependencies between both rims of the Mediterranean.


    Dr. Indermit Gill, co-author of the “Golden Growth, Restoring the Lustre of the European Economic Model” report, presented the impressive achievements of Europe as a powerful engine for economic convergence, assessing the longer-term challenges and evaluating the three main components of the European model: (i) labor and labor mobility; (ii) trade and investment; (iii) entrepreneurship and innovation. These components served as entry points in the discussions and as reference points for the work undertaken by the CMI programs under the newly established theme “Integrated Economies.” The debate provided strategic advice for these programs as they develop their work plan under the CMI 2.0 framework.