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TV Debate on Syrian Refugees Crisis

Oct 08, 2015
  • Author: CMI / France Médias Monde / MuCEM
    Type: Video
    Language(s): Arabic / English / French

Special trilingual TV debate on the Syrian Refugee crisis, in Arabic, French and English.


Arabic debate:

  • Driss El Yazami, President of Moroccan Human Rights Council
  • Amna Guellali, Director of Human Rights Watch Tunisia
  • Ahmed Moawia, Coordinator of Greek Migrants Forum
  • Wafik Moustafa, Chairman, British Arab Network
  • Taoufik Mjaied (France24 Journalist, moderator)


French debate:

  • Michel Peraldi, Sociologist and anthropologist, specialist of Migration
  • Ewa Moncure, Frontex Spokesperson
  • Didem Danis, Sociologist, University of Galatasaray (Turkey)
  • Olivier Weber, Grand reporter, former UN ambassador Global Fight against Human Trafficking
  • Vanessa Burggraf (France24 Journalist, moderator)


English debate:

  • Mohammad Ghannam, Journalist and Syrian refugee
  • Didem Danis, Sociologist, Galatasaray University (Turkey)
  • Martin Xuereb, Director, Migrant Offshore Aid Station (Malta)
  • Wafik Moustafa, Chairman, British Arab Network
  • François Picard (France24 Journalist, moderator)


Co-produced by France24, the Center for Mediterranean Integration and the MuCEM, recorded in Marseille and broadcasted on September 18, 2015. More details on the initiative here. The shows are also available on France24’s website.


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