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Responsive Transportation-Oriented Policies for the MED Region in the Face of Covid-19

Sep 29, 2020

The transportation sector is exposed to significant paradigm shifts and financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic in Mediterranean countries as well as all over the world. In particular, public transportation is struggling worldwide, with reduced passenger load factors of 50% to 90%. To address this issue, this brief aims to provide sustainable transportation policies for the region.

It develops these policies by introducing the following structure:

  • effects of the epidemic on transportation,
  • detailed observations from Tunisia and Turkey,
  • potentials discovered, such as bicycle & pedestrian-friendly urban streets and green recovery packages, throughout the process,
  • Avoid-Shift-Improve Approach, regional limitations, and a comprehensive transport responsive model against Covid-19.


This article is part of the CMI/FEMISE joint “COVID-19 Med Brief Series”, aimed at addressing the urgent issue of the COVID-19 socio-economic effects and impact on the EU-Mediterranean region.


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