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“The Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Medium-Term: What Next?” Presentation of the White Paper (Session 2)

Apr 17, 2016
  • Author: Center for Mediterranean Integration
    Type: Video
    Language(s): English

Senior governmental representatives, World Bank specialists and United Nations officials as well as members from the civil society gathered on February 15, 2016 in Paris for a cross-regional exchange between Middle Eastern and European countries hosting refugees, on the analytical findings, and policy implications, of the World Bank/UNHCR study “The Welfare of Syrian Refugees: Evidence from Jordan and Lebanon”.


This video is of the second session where panelists discuss a new social contract between the international community and host countries and the recommendations of the WB White Paper,ations aimed at addressing the poverty trap threatening Syrian refugees and vulnerable host communities in the “medium term” by fostering local economic growth and economic inclusion.


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