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Oct 03, 2013 / Program
For large numbers of people around the world moving is one of the surest ways of expanding their opportunities and improving their lives. The World Bank's International Labor Mobility program has been dedicated to rethinking the current approach to this movement. Our new series, ‘On the Move’... read more
Sep 27, 2013 / CMI News
We have the great pleasure to announce that as of September 16, Mourad Ezzine has taken over as Manager of the CMI, on appointment by Inger Andersen, World Bank Vice-President for the MENA region.  Mourad, a Tunisian national, has long since been engaged with the CMI: As Sector Manager for... read more
Sep 18, 2013 / Program
With newspaper headlines focused on violence and  political upheavals across the Middle East and North Africa region, it is easy  to forget that an annual beginning is also underway. Children from the Mashreq  to the Maghreb have started going back to school. Parents are buying school  supplies... read more
Sep 11, 2013 / Program
A symposium on Health, Nutrition and Population Sector strategy for MENA took place on Friday July 5, 2013 at the Villa Valmer in Marseilles, France.     Mats Karlsson, CMI Director, opened the symposium by outlining the existing trends of population dynamism in the current context of regional... read more
Sep 11, 2013 / Program
Please keep an eye out for the upcoming release of 'Paper Trails', the new International Labor Mobility (ILM) Discussion Notes Series. This series will highlight ongoing work, discuss emerging findings, and share ideas across the three ILM program areas. 
Sep 04, 2013 / Program
In order to ensure a constant follow-up to the face-to-face trainings and knowledge activities provided within the Community of Practice on Employment and Social Safety Nets, the World Bank organizes a set of virtual workshops. The following one focused on Lebanon’s use of Proxy Means Testing (PMT... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
The ILM team chaired a workshop on employment of Tunisian workers abroad within the framework of the broader National Congress on Employment held in partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO) on June 28-30 in Tunis. This workshop had two main objectives: (1) to reach a common... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
The ILM team held a two-day meeting with the Tunisian Office des Tunisiens à l’Etranger and diaspora organizations in France. The meeting discussed the role of public policy in engaging with migrants abroad for home country development. The event included presentations and discussions on country... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
With the aim of assessing practical ways to make social security rights portable, the ILM team has started to take stock of existing portability agreements around the world and in the EU-MENA context and to identify key design gaps. On this basis, the team has gathered leading international experts... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
Upon request from the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment and with the aim of providing a systematic analysis to understand how the Government of Tunisia could improve its policies and capacities to better seize the opportunities of international employment in different types of... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
The objective of this seminar was to use the CMI platform as a neutral space to engage in concrete discussions between the World Bank, GIZ (Germany), and Pôle Emploi (France) on how to set up bilateral pilots for mutually beneficial labor mobility schemes from North Africa to France and Germany in... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
On the basis of earlier requests expressed by different government bodies, the ILM team organized a workshop for institutions working on diaspora related activities at the World Bank office in Rabat. The following topics were covered in the event, which was jointly organized with the Moroccan... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
Organized by the World Bank, the CMI, the French Development Agency (AFD), and the Center for Global Development, in partnership with Morocco's Ministry for Moroccans Residing Abroad as well as with several international universities, the conference brought leading international researchers and... read more
Sep 03, 2013 / Program
Governments and non-governmental actors in migrant sending and receiving countries are preparing for increased levels of skilled labor migration. While the impact of regular migration on the development of both types of countries has become obvious – at least with regard to the volume and impact of... read more
Aug 14, 2013 / Program
The seminar was held in the Beirut World Bank country office, in partnership with the Islamic Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), and brought together approximately 25 participants.  The event convened organizational stakeholders and various water entrepreneurs/startups from... read more