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Program Highlights

Apr 28, 2014 / Program
Low Carbon Development: Planning & Modelling This course has the following modules – (i) Introduction to Low Carbon Development Planning; (ii) Overview for Policymakers; (iii) Power; (iv) Household; (v) Transport - which introduce you to climate change mitigation, explore the concepts... read more
Apr 28, 2014 / Program
This course has the following modules – (i) Introduction to Low Carbon Development Planning; (ii) Overview for Policymakers; (iii) Power; (iv) Household; (v) Transport - which introduce you to climate change mitigation, explore the concepts surrounding low carbon development planning on an economy-... read more
Apr 28, 2014 / Program
Urbanization is the defining global phenomenon of this century. For the first time in history, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas. Between 2000 and 2030, in developing countries, the urban population is expected to double, and entire built-up areas are projected to triple if... read more
Apr 28, 2014 / Program
In a context of demographic pressure and rapid urbanization, MENA cities are particularly sensitive to exogenous hazards and shocks. Most cities in MENA are especially exposed to natural disaster and climate-related shocks, and the impact on cities has been aggravated by the rise in population... read more
Apr 28, 2014 / Program
CMI and Plan Bleu facilitate discussion on Water Demand Management options for local governments – Tunis, February 19-20, 2014   Local governments, especially municipalities, are on the frontline for the provision of basic services in water, energy and transport, while in Southern and Eastern... read more
Apr 28, 2014 / Program
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s post-political career has been all about urban resilience, a fact probably influenced by the massive hurricane that concluded his three-term administration. Perhaps the centerpiece of this push has been Bloomberg Philanthropy’s Mayor’s Challenge, an... read more
Apr 28, 2014 / Program
To read the World Bank feature story on Arab city resilience and Water, please click here. Pour lire l'article de la Banque mondiale sur le renforcement de la... read more
Apr 01, 2014 / Program
The Arab Youth Debate will feature youth activists from across the region debating the critical question: Have young people reaped the fruits of the Arab Spring? Moderated by Alajzeera’s Abderrahim Foukara, the debate will take place in Tunisia, on April 1st, 2014, at at 7pm (Tunis time). Three... read more
Mar 19, 2014 / Program
  Ankara, Turkey   The CMI and the EIB, in collaboration with the ISESCO and the UN-ESCWA Technology Centre, are organising a regional workshop about the contribution of the Quadruple Helix actors to knowledge transfer within Science and Technology Parks (STPs) on June 16th-18th, 2014 in Ankara,... read more
Mar 05, 2014 / Program
About the Course Under current pledges and commitments, the world is likely to reach 4°C degree warming by the end of the century and 2°C warming as early as 2040. This MOOC brings together renowned scientists to provide a synthesis of the most recent scientific evidence and presents an analysis of... read more
Jan 16, 2014 / Program
In its second Movers & Shakers piece, the International Labor Mobility (ILM) program asks Lant Pritchett for his thoughts on how the migration agenda might be moved forward and what misconceptions we need to shake off to do so. Pritchett draws inspiration from other successful development... read more
Dec 23, 2013 / Program
The European Investment Bank, in its role as lead of the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) programme “Innovation Capacities”, organised a workshop on the development of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in the Southern Mediterranean on the 7th of June, 2013 in Paris. This workshop was... read more
Dec 18, 2013 / Program
  On December 18th, the UN invites us "to observe International Migrants Day through the dissemination of information on the human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants, and through the sharing of experiences... read more
Dec 17, 2013 / Program
His Excellency Mr. Tarek Mahdi, Governor of Alexandria, Egypt, visited the CMI on December 3rd during a trip organized by the City of Marseille as part of the ongoing cooperation between Marseille and Alexandria. He was welcomed in the Villa Valmer by Mourad Ezzine, the CMI Manager.   In a group... read more
Dec 13, 2013 / Program
In today's global economic climate, no-one wants to focus on the issue of migration. The topic is politically fraught, socially contentious, and technically challenging. But it is also one of the more promising options for boosting shared prosperity by productively employing young and mobile... read more