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May 28, 2015 / Program
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has long struggled to generate enough quality jobs for its large and increasingly educated workforce, but this can be turned around. Governments can make significant strides in job creation by reforming policies used to protect politically connected... read more
Oct 16, 2014 / Program
How can a city become a place where people are empowered, opportunities exist for all, and policies promote the well-being of its citizens? Can new technologies make governments more accountable to citizens? In this event, development leaders will discuss the transformative power of inclusive... read more
Oct 03, 2014 / Program
TUNIS, October 2, 2014— Three years after the revolution, young people in Tunisia have a limited presence in politics, continue to face high levels of unemployment and are not systematically consulted on key issues that directly affect them. A new report from the World Bank and the Center for... read more
Jul 07, 2014 / Program
Thursday June 19 at 3:00 PM in J1-050 Auditorium (to live stream on the day of the event, click here) From Detroit to Lahore, cities face financing challenges. In an ever urbanizing world, cities are important for national... read more
Aug 14, 2013 / Program
This event brought together about 1,000 civil society members from the Mediterranean, and the CMI participated in the following sessions: “The Mediterranean in 2020: Society &Values,” “What Opportunities for Youth, What Societies for Tomorrow?,” “Social Cohesion in a Context of Crisis,” “A... read more
Aug 14, 2013 / CMI News
The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) held its first grantees workshop to bring together the first GPSA grant recipients and other leaders in the field of Social Accountability. This three-day event primarily focused on understanding how to leverage the political economy elements... read more
Jun 15, 2013 / Program
Two years on, post-Arab spring democracies debate courses of action that must deliver results to their people, against a backdrop of heightened expectations. Perhaps no issue is more pressing than the improvement of government accountability and ensuring full respect of citizens' rights - with... read more
Apr 08, 2013 / Program
Essentially anchored in towns and cities, the protests synonymous with the Arab Spring reflected a population’s deep-rooted desire for political and social change across the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region. Whilst access to jobs, along with the democratization of the political system,... read more
Feb 20, 2013 / Program
The MENApolis project is a prospective study showing urban sprawl and demographic trends in Mediterranean cities, available on Google Earth and Google Map.  It shows urban population figures from 1960 to 2010, and it makes use of statistical and spatial data as well as of satellite imagery to... read more