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[Webinar] Urban Policies for Better Mediterranean Cities

  • Starts: Oct 11, 2016
  • Ends: Oct 11, 2016
  • Location: virtual
  • By: CODATU
  • The Accessibility we Need: Challenges for the Habitat III New Urban Agenda


    The urbanization process is strongly linked to social and economic development and cities can mitigate its negative externalities through a coordinated approach and clear policy directions.

    In most developing countries, urbanization is leading to enormous changes in the spatial distribution of people, resources, as well as the use and consumption of land. 

    Although urban issues are increasingly prominent on national policy agendas, many countries still lack the supporting policies and frameworks that can leverage the process and guide it towards sustainable patterns. 

    CODATU wishes to enhance its participation in the World Urban Campaign aiming to emphasize the role of urban mobility in the New Urban Agenda and this Webinar will be in line with the "The accessibility that we need" Message from Codatu to Habitat III. 

    With the participation of Eric Huybrechts, IAU-IDF International Actions Program Officer, and Salma Mousallem, Un-Habitat Transport in Egypt Program Officer; the Webinar will in English and be structured like a radio program or TV set through a platform (mavisionconfé that will allow speakers and audience to connect via internet; a chat will also allow a live Q&A exchange with the audience.