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The Water Hub Consultation Meeting

  • Starts: Nov 17, 2016
  • Ends: Nov 17, 2016
  • Location: Marseille, France
  • By: CMI, Water hub Partners
  • Representatives from the AFD, CIHEAM, Plan Bleu, the World Bank Water Global Practice convened in the CMI Water Hub to discuss the World Bank MENA Regional Water Security Initiative and to welcome CIHEAM into the Water Hub.


    The  Rationale :


    The CMI Water Hub gathers partners working in the water sector in the Mediterranean in order to engage in knowledge sharing and to work towards increased water security in the Mediterranean.


    The Objective :


    To discuss partners’ ongoing programs as well as upcoming water-related events.


    The Outcomes:


    • Claudia Sadoff (World Bank) presented the MENA Regional Water Security Initiative. The main objective of the World Bank Regional Water Security Initiative is to promote an enabling environment for water security in MENA by building consensus for action, and by increasing access to and sharing of technology and policy options for increased water security in MENA.
    • Roula Khadra (CIHEAM, MAI Bari) gave a presentation on “Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Water Management Policies in the Mediterranean Region”, giving participants an overview of CIHEAM’s overall work and projects targeting water specifically.  CIHEAM is composed of four research and training institutes working in a broad array of fields (cf. presentation for the CIHEAM strategic agenda).


    Upcoming events were also discussed, notably:


    • Regional Mediterranean Workshop on water scarcity management, desalination and PPP (12-14 December), WB lead
    • Regional Workshop on Groundwater Resources Management in the Mediterranean, First quarter 2017, AFD lead
    • CMI World Water Day Event on Regional Water Security, 22-23 March 2017


    World Water Day at the CMI will seek to gather water practitioners and youth from MENA to address the issue of water scarcity as a public regional bad in the region and to raise water awareness. The objective of this event will be to showcase the innovative research and projects of CMI partners, water practitioners and youth in the region. This will be done by stimulating dialogue between water practitioners and youth through broad sessions on water scarcity in the Mediterranean, as well as more technical sessions on specific means to increase water security in the region.




    CMI Water Hub Minutes


    Participant’s Presentation:


    Claudia Sadoff, Lead Economist, World Bank Global Water Practice: The MENA Regional Water Security Initiative.

    Roula Khadra, Scientific Administrator, CIHEAM Bari: Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Water Management Policies in the Mediterranean Region