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[Regional Forum] Water Security Nexus in North Africa: Catalyzing Regional Coordination around Climate Change, Resilience and Migration

  • Starts: Mar 14, 2022
  • Ends: Mar 15, 2022
  • Location: Marseille & Virtual
  • By: CMI, FCDO



    The CMI-led study on “Water security nexus in North Africa: catalyzing regional coordination around climate change, resilience, and migration”, funded by FCDO, focuses on understanding the complex nexus relationships across North Africa on water security, aggravated by climate change, and triggering migration movements, in the current context.


    The key characteristics of the study are as follows:  its regional capacity-building element, the preceding regional policy exchange to inform the report and its catalytic youth engagement in developing new technical approaches to enhance water access and drought monitoring/management. In this vein, a Regional Forum, gathering key regional actors, will be organized to discuss, review, and validate the outcome results of this study, which is to be published in March 2021. 


    The Water Security Nexus (WSN) Regional Forum brings the implementing partners, together with the regional stakeholders that were identified for this study, to cross benefit and create a space for exchanging best practices for drought monitoring, and will foster cross-country multi-stakeholder cooperation on water management issues. This Forum is an essential output, as it links the different study components and actors involved.




    The objective of this multi-stakeholders Forum is to discuss the Water security Nexus study results, by connecting national, and regional stakeholders in North Africa, to encourage cross-regional cooperation and integration between the different actors. The forum will also involve directly concerned but often marginalized groups (youth, women…) and neighbouring countries' stakeholders (Egypt and Libya) in the exchange of the best practices in drought monitoring, which will help to draw regional policy recommendations to support decision making. 


    In the context of this Forum, the different outcomes produced by the CMI and its key partners (IWMI,  CIHEAM, and CEWAS) contribute to understanding the climate change prospects in Tunisia and Morocco (focusing on the water accounting, the CDI review, and the production of new climate datasets) as well as the complexity of water and migration nexus through a tailored framework, presenting case studies from the targeted countries (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia). The outcomes of the Forum help shape the final CMI flagship report on the Water Security Nexus and strengthen its recommendations component, emphasizing the importance of regional cooperation in drawing concrete policy recommendations, and supporting decision making for water and human security. 


    The Regional Forum 


    It is a hybrid event gathering about 55-60 participants in Marseille, France between 14-15 March 2022, while additional participants connect remotely. This format allows for greater dissemination of the results of the study. The agenda of the event will be influenced by the outcomes of the virtual meeting's discussions. 


    Structure of the Forum

    The Forum consists of a two-day event with the participation of stakeholders from the studied countries. The following components are presented during the event: 

    • The new climate change data and the CDI work developed for Morocco and Tunisia case studies.

    • The water and migration nexus analytical framework and its application at the national (case study) scale for Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, in order to better understand the intersections of climate, socio-economic development, and migration.

    • The policy implications of the overall study results 

    • The youth cross-cutting theme: entrepreneurial program on Water and Climate Change



    Event photos


    [Regional Forum] Water Security Nexus in North Africa: Catalyzing Regional Coordination around Climate Change, Resilience and Migration





    Opening Ceremony [Video Recording available ENG / FR] Prensentation
    Introduction to the WSN study and the Forum [Video Recording available ENG / FR]  

    Interpretation of data into policy for drought and water management [Video Recording available ENG / FR]

    Ms Fatima Driouech   Consultant IWMI   Link
    Ms Rachael McDonnell   Deputy Director General - IWMI   Link
    Mr Youssef Brouziyne   Consultant IWMI   Link
    Mrs Lisa Rebelo   Principal Researcher, IWMI   Link
    Regional experience sharing on drought monitoring  [Video Recording available FR / ENG]  
    Mr Karim Bergaoui   Consultant IWMI   Link
    Ms Hayet Ben Mansour   Direction Générale des Ressources en
    Eau - Ministére de l’Agriculture des Ressources Hydrauliques et de
    la Pêche, Tunisia
    Ms Hafida Bouaouda   Direction de la Stratégie et des Statistiques
    - Ministère de l'Agriculture, de la Pêche Maritime, du
    Développement Rural et des Eaux et Forêts, Kingdom of Morocco
    Mr Makram Fraj   Consultant IWMI   Link
    Special session - CC & Migration  and Water & Migration Nexi  [Video Recording available FR / ENG ]  
    Understanding the "Water & Migration Nexus"  [Video Recording available FR / ENG ]  
    Mr Alan Nicol   Strategic Program Director - IWMI   Link
    Ms Sarra Touzi   Consultant CMI   Link
    Mr Mohamed Aberghal   Consultant IWMI   Link
    Catalyzing youth engagement  [Video Recording available FR / ENG]  
    Ms Lamis Qdemat   MedYWat Coordinator   Link
    Ms Kholoud Al Ajarma   MedYWat member    Link
    Mr Adil Jouamaa   MedYWat member    Link
    Ms Mirna Gharbi Dit Kacem   MedYWat member    Link
    Ms Sarra Bensabri   MedYWat member    Link
    Mr Nabil Khorchani   MedYWat member    Link
    Ms Ines Gasmi   Program officer on water, CMI    Link
    Interactive Session: Shark Tank [Video Recording available FR / ENG]        
    Strengthening regional cooperation & closing remarks [Video Recording available FR / ENG]  
    Policy brief presentations  
    Mr Constantin Tsakas  

    Senior Programme Officer Sustainable Development Policies - CMI

    Ms Kholoud Al Ajarma   MedYWat member    Link
    Mr Georges Gharrios   MedYWat member    Link
    Discussants panel        
    Mr Aissa Hlaimi   Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel   Link
    Ms Maryse Louis   FEMISE and ERF   Link