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[National Experts Meeting] An Innovation Barometer for the MENA Region

  • Starts: May 16, 2016
  • Ends: May 17, 2016
  • Location: Rabat, Morocco
  • By: CMI, EIB, UN ESCWA Technology center, ISESCO
  • Innovation Barometer  ”"لوحة مؤشرات الإبتكار for MENA Countries:


    Following-up on the last innovation scoreboard workshop held in Amman in 2015, the 12 national experts (including Palestine, Iraq and Oman) and institutional partners of the program (ISESCO, ALECSO, ESCWA, UNESCO, AIDMA) met to finalize an Innovation Scoreboard for the MENA region.



    Altough different international rankings exist, like the Global Innovation Index, countries in the MENA felt that a new type of indexation was required to address their specificities and level of industrial development. The meeting in Rabat was set up to evaluate the data availability for the 25 indicators that were selected in an earlier meeting in Amman and according to the data availability, discuss the pertinence of the selected framework to measure input, processes and output and impact of national innovation systems. Apart from representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian territories and Tunisia, also the Islamic Academy of Sciences (AIS), UNESCO, and the Arabic Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) participated in the discussions. The participants agreed upon a “beta”-version of a “dashboard” or more simply "innovation-barometer" that will be launched in July 2016.



    National experts and institutional partners of the program agreed upon a set of 40 indicators to assess a country’s innovation readiness. The Innovation Barometer for the MENA countries is designed to capture data for both the public and private sectors in the same datasheet and aims at enabling MENA countries to compare themselves. In a prior occasion the CMI was also invited to present the work on the Innovation Barometer at the Arab Knowledge Summit in Dubai. The edition theme was ‘The Way to Innovation’ and gathered 3,000 people from across the MENA region



    Summary Report: National Experts Meeting - Towards an Innovation Scoreboard for the MENA Region