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Metropolitan Workshops: From Projects to Action - 2019 Edition




    • Common challenges shared by Mediterranean countries: at the beginning of the 21st century, the Mediterranean faces major challenges created by its urban transformation, its integration into globalization, its ecological transition, its social and territorial cohesion or even the massification of its flows, and more especially migratory flows.


    • Development approaches that must evolve: based on a prescriptive and hierarchical tradition, territorial planning has shown its limits, particularly considering the growing gap between planned objectives and concrete achievements on the ground. More strategic approaches must be developed, less dogmatic, more in tune with the actors and their means.





    To understand and act on these approaches and complex evolutions, AViTeM, CMI, AFD and GIZ partner to propose a series of "metropolitan workshops".



    Each cycle is composed of 3 immersion workshops in three Mediterranean metropolises to discover the territories and meet their actors, the objective being to allow the participants to bring a strategic added value to support the construction of the metropolis in the places where they act and work.



    25 Francophone participants representing different countries and different in the field of urban planning and local governments are selected, so as to constitute a rich and diversify class, that can offer quality exchanges.



    In 2018, the three workshops were organized in Tangier and Tetouan, Morocco in May, Greater Tunis, Tunisia in September and in Tirana, Albania in December.



    In 2019, the program of the cycle plans to go to Beirut (Lebanon), Nice (France) and a Moroccan metropolis. For the first time this year, the program will put a particular focus on migration issues in metropolitan contexts.



    Registrations for the 2019 cycle are now open. To apply for and join an international network of development experts, please complete and return the form by January 28th.


    Brochure and Application Form (in French) 





    A video reporting on the lessons learned from 2017 workshop cycle was produced.

    WEB-SERIE 2017 : Transitions métropolitaines, du projet à l'action