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Metropolitan Workshops 2020: From Projects to Action

  • Rationale

    The Mediterranean is now more than ever, facing major challenges created by its urban transformation, its integration into globalization, its ecological transition, its social and territorial cohesion or even the massification of its flows, and more especially migratory flows.


    Territorial planning has shown its limits, particularly considering the growing gap between planned objectives and concrete achievements on the ground. More strategic approaches must be developed, less dogmatic, more in tune with the actors and their means, hence the “Metropolitan Workshops”.


    Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (AViTeM), Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and French Development Agency (AFD) have been partnering for the organization of the "Metropolitan Workshops"; a series of three immersive and interactive trainings targeting urban practitioners, urban planners, local government representatives, and other relevant stakeholders.


    In 2018, the three workshops were organized in Tangier and Tetouan, Morocco in May, Greater Tunis, Tunisia in September and in Tirana, Albania in December. In 2019, participants visited Casablanca, Morocco, Nice, France and Beirut, Lebanon (TBC).


    For this year, the “Metropolitan Workshops” will tentatively take place in the following cities:

    • Bologna, Italy: March 2020 
    • Casablanca, Morocco: June 2020
    • Aix-Marseilles-Provence, France: October - November 2020


    The objective of these workshops held each year in 3 Mediterranean metropolises, is to build the capacities of participants and endow them with the tools to better understand and act on the transformations at work in the cities where they operate.


    Participants will develop a better understanding of metropolitan processes through observation on the ground and meeting with local actors. They will also be able to identify and share benchmarks and lessons learned on how to favor the coordination of projects and policies at the metropolitan scale and, ultimately, “make the metropolis”. 


    Eligibility Criteria & Prerequisites:

    • Excellent command of French
    • Commitment to attend all the seminars penciled for 2020

    Deadline for Application: January 31, 2020



    Ateliers métropolitains 2020 : du projet à l’action