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Methodology workshop: Launching a comparative corridor study on the portability of social security rights in various Euro-Med corridors (Vienna)

With the aim of assessing practical ways to make social security rights portable, the ILM team has started to take stock of existing portability agreements around the world and in the EU-MENA context and to identify key design gaps. On this basis, the team has gathered leading international experts to develop a methodology to identify concrete bottlenecks in the implementation of bilateral social security agreements in different corridors. This has allowed for the launch of a first comparative study on the actual access to portability of social security rights in four migration corridors: Morocco-France/Belgium and Turkey-Germany/Austria. Early evidence suggests that rights holders are often not sufficiently informed about the portability of their rights, which ultimately prevents them from fully accessing their right to move back and forth between their host and home countries, especially for migrant retirees with their specific vulnerabilities. There are also important coordination gaps to bridge between social security administrations at the bilateral level, notably when it comes to sharing data on right holders.