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[High-Level Workshop] Launch of the MENA Urbanization Knowledge Platform

  • Starts: Sep 17, 2012
  • Ends: Sep 18, 2012
  • Location: Marseille, France
  • By: CMI, World Bank, AUDI
  • The Urbanization Knowledge Platform (UKP) for the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) stems from a partnership between Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), the World Bank (WB), and the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI). The Platform was officially launched on September 17-18, 2012, during a high-level workshop entitled “Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth for MENA Cities at the Crossroads” held at CMI.

    The event will bring together representatives from national governments, mayors, practitioners, research institutions and academics in the field of urban development from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.


    About the Urbanization Knowledge Platform

    The objective of this Platform is to bring together city mayors, urban practitioners and specialists, and researchers to exchange experiences and viewpoints about priority urban issues, capitalizing on the momentum which has developed within the MENA region, to ultimately harness urban growth for better development outcomes.

    The UKP will build on core themes in response to key priorities which have emerged in the MENA region following the Arab revolutions. 




    Conference Agenda

    Day 1

    SESSION 1 – Welcome remarks: the Challenges of Urbanization for MENA Cities

    • Mr. Ahmed Al Salloum, Director, Arab Urban Development Institute
    • Mr. Mats Karlsson, Director, Center for Mediterranean Integration
    • Mr. Franck Bousquet, Sector Manager, Urban, Social and Disaster Risk Management, The World Bank Group

    SESSION 2 – Challenges of Urban Development from the perspective of a National and Local decision makers

    • Presentation: Mr. Fathallah Oualalou, Mayor of Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco

    SESSION 3 – Urbanization Knowledge Platforms and MENA

    • Presentation: Mrs. Nancy Lozano Gracia, Economist, Urban Development Unit, The World Bank Group

    SESSION 4 – Panel Discussion 1: Empowering Local Governments Local Governance-Administratively and Technically

    • Expert Presentation: Mrs. Maria Camila Uribe Sanchez, Inter American Development Bank (IADB) Representative in Chile
      The promises and the challenges: lessons from Bogotá
    • Panel Discussion:
      • Mr. Saadani Ali, Deputy Director, Public Local Authorities Direction, Ministry of Interior, Republic of Tunisia
      • Mr. Nejib Abdelmoula, Mayor of Sfax, Republic of Tunisia
      • Mr. Hassan Ghamrawi, Mayor of Beddawi, Lebanese Republic
      • Mr. Mohamed Benchakroun, Advisor to the Mayor of Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco
      • Dr Khaled Samy, Professor of Urban Planning, Helwan University, Urban Planning Expert, Arab Republic of Egypt

    SESSION 5 – Panel Discussion 2: Empowering Local Governments - Financially

    • Expert Presentation: Mr. Mateu Hernandez, Director, Economic Development Council of Barcelona, Spain
      Cities as political bodies, competitive assets, and efficient managers.
    • Panel Discussion:
      • Mr. Ahmed Guesmi, Director, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Tunisia
      • Mr. Angus Gavin, Head of Urban Development Unit, Solidere, Lebanese Republic
      • Mr. Abdelaziz Adidi, Director of National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Kingdom of Morocco
      • Mr. Adel Ben Yekhlef, General Director, Training and Support to Decentralization Center, Republic of Tunisia
      • Mr. Talel Labidi, Finance Department Director, Caisse des Prets et Soutien aux Collectivités Locales, Republic of Tunisia

    Day 2

    SESSION 1 – Panel Discussion 3: Strengthening Cities for Economic Growth and Service Provision

    Expert Presentation:

    • Dr. Sungsoo Kim, Research Fellow, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS)
      Experiences of Urbanization and Urban Policy Issues of Korea
    • Mr. Kamal Fahmy Salama, Engagement Manager, McKinsey Global Institute
      Building the cities of tomorrow
    • Panel Discussion:
      • Mr. Mohamed Riadh Lazzem, Mayor of Bizerte, Republic of Tunisia
      • Mr. Nader El Ghazal, President of Urban Community El Fayhaa and Mayor of Tripoli, Lebanese Republic
      • Ms. Dalia El Maraghy, Advisor to the Cairo Governor for Transport and Environment, Arab Republic of Egypt
      • Mr. Rachid Afirat, Director of Heritage, Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Morocco
      • Dr. Mousbah Rajab, Architect and Urban Planner, Lebanese University, Lebanese Republic
      • Mrs. Henda Gafsi, President of Association of Tunisian Urban Experts, Republic of Tunisia

    CLOSING SESSION – UKP and the Way Forward

    • Mr. Ahmed Al Salloum, Director, Arab Urban Development Institute
    • Mr. Mats Karlsson, Director, Center for Mediterranean Integration
    • Mr. Franck Bousquet, Sector Manager, Urban, Social and Disaster Risk Management, The World Bank Group