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Algeria: 1st Awareness meeting for the dissemination of the study "Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management in Algiers"

Involving Algeria's civil society and local governments for increasing the city's resilience

The first awareness meeting based on phase 1 of the study on “Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management in Algiers”, financed by CDC and co-led by CDC and World Bank in the framework of CMI's Cities and Climate Change program took place on April 9, 2013.

The meeting was co-organized by the Ministry of Regional Development, Environment and City (MATEV), and the Wilaya of Algiers, and took place at the Wilaya of Algiers’ headquarter.  Chaired by the General Secretary of the Wilaya of Algiers, and the General Director for Regional Development of the MATEV, the meeting brought together local elected representatives (32 presidents of Popular Municipal Assemblies, out of 57 in the Wilaya), representatives from different ministries, and civil society representatives (associations and universities) as well as all the usual partners of the study, and journalists. The meeting gathered in total about 200 people.

The general presentation of the study by the consulting group EGIS-BRGM-IAU was followed by workshop sessions during which the audience had the opportunity to debate, and make remarks. The study appeared during the debates to be a good entry point to engage discussions on disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, with all stakeholders, including local governments and civil society. Association representatives and heads of Popular Assemblies of municipalities emphasized the need for local governments and civil society to be involved in the making of adaptation action plans. They also advocated for a better communication and coordination between the different stakeholders at all governance levels, considering it condition for good implementation of an already existing solid legal set. Also the need for taking into account the results of the present study in planning documents under preparation was mentioned by several participants (among which the Wilaya representatives in charge of making such documents).  Finally, the elected President of the Popular Assembly of the Wilaya of Algiers concluded the meeting by committing in the name of the Popular Assembly of the Wilaya, to take into account the results of the study in future planning of the Wilaya of Algiers.

A second awareness meeting will take place after the validation of Phase 2 of the study (“Action Plans”), in autumn 2013.