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Feb 26, 2016 / Blog
Aujourd’hui, le changement climatique ne fait plus aucun doute. Si le Nord est objectivement responsable, ce sont surtout les pays du Sud qui en subissent les conséquences.         La COP21 a-t-elle réduit ce déséquilibre ?     ... more
Nov 25, 2015 / Report/Study
Although very vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the countries of the southern Mediterranean shore are struggling to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation programs. Climate investment scale-up is necessary, together with better targeting of financing and eliminating... more
Nov 24, 2015 / Blog
Le Maroc entrera prochainement dans l’histoire en mettant en service l’une des plus grandes centrales solaires thermiques à concentration (CSP) du monde. Une fois pleinement opérationnelle, cette centrale produira suffisamment d’électricité pour plus d’un million de Marocains, avec peut-être même... more
Nov 24, 2015 / Report/Study
While the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) continues to play a pivotal role as the world’s supplier of oil and, to a lesser extent gas, the collapse in global oil prices since mid-2014 has refocused the debate on the region’s ability to use oil revenues to build sustainable and diversified... more
Nov 24, 2015 / Video
Mourad Ezzine, Manager of the Center for Mediterranean Integration talks about the impacts of climate change on the Middle east and north Africa region and what measures can be taken: "There is a difference between development and wealth: Wealth can disappear very quickly. However, having a... more
Jun 25, 2014 / Blog
Beirut, Rabat and Tunis:  New studies evaluate the cost of environmental degradation due to solid waste mismanagement   By *Hervé Lévite   Solid Waste Management is a Priority   “Solid waste management is a priority in the Mediterranean region”, so said the last joint Horizon 2020 report of the... more