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Internationalization of Tertiary Education in the Middle East and North Africa

Sep 15, 2020

As the first MENA regionwide report on the subject, this report was conceived out of a real need for data and analysis on internationalization, as well as a direct demand from stakeholders including tertiary education institutions in the region. Its primary objectives are to raise awareness on internationalization, to encourage its becoming a priority for institutions and governments in the region, and to stimulate much-needed regional policy dialogue on the topic.


The report presents some key global trends in internationalization, as well its main benefits for students and institutions. It provides an overview of the current status of internationalization in the MENA region, including branch campuses, internationalization “at home”, an in-depth analysis of student mobility, and more. The report then gives some recommendations for the way forward for MENA, including touching on both the challenges and the opportunities that the COVID-19 crisis may highlight for tertiary education and its internationalization in the region.


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