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Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East

May 29, 2020
  • Author: Constantin Tsakas (FEMISE / Institut de la Méditerranée)
    Type: Report/Study
    Language(s): English

The recent coronavirus crisis threatens the health, economies, and societies of any country, regardless of its level of development. In the countries of the Middle East and of the Southern Mediterranean the fight against the pandemic is even more complicated. It must be done with limited healthcare and economic resources compared to other regions. In addition, it takes place in a social and geopolitical context which is unique in its divisions.


This Brief suggests relaunching cooperation in the Mediterranean following the crisis and developing EU-Med strategies in key sectors. In this context, it provides reflections, on the short term and long term, to prevent a «pandemic of inequalities» in the region.


It suggests opening up access to healthcare for informal workers, investing in digital technology, rethinking production chains intelligently, supporting social entrepreneurship, and reviewing the conditions for debt repayment for countries in the region. The purpose of this Brief is to pave the way for more thematic analyzes and prescriptions, which can be explored throughout this series produced jointly by the CMI and FEMISE.


This article is part of the CMI/FEMISE joint “COVID-19 Med Brief Series”, aimed at addressing the urgent issue of the COVID-19 socio-economic effects and impact on the EU-Mediterranean region.



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