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[Training Workshop] "Monitoring, Statistics, Indicator Building and Data Analysis for Members of the Libyan Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators"

  • Starts: Mar 23, 2018
  • Ends: Apr 26, 2018
  • Location: Tunis, Tunisia
  • By: ALESCO’s Department of Science and Scientific Research
  • Context & Theme


    Emanating from the wish of ALESCO to build and reinforce Arab capacity and expertise with regards to scientific observatories, 12 Members of the “Libyan Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators" attended a training workshop in Tunisia.


    The four days training was entitled “Monitoring, Statistics, Indicator Building and Data Analysis.” It was delivered by international and Arab experts. The CMI was invited because of the role that is has played over the past years in regional discussions on the selection and design of Innovation Indicators to gauge the innovation capacity of Arab countries.


    During these four days, the following axes were examined

    • The structure of the Observatory and its status within the government’s
    • Tasks and working mechanisms
    • The National Innovation System: It’s components, specificities and requirements
    • Statistical Data: Collection methods and analysis
    • Indicators: Criteria, calculation methods and analysis

    In addition to the abovementioned, participants got to know about the ALESCO observatory. A special session was dedicated to set up a working plan for kicking off the Libyan Observatory Technology and Innovation Indicators and making it operational





    • Introduce the participants to some comparative experiences
    • Introduce the participants to some relevant concepts and principles
    • Support the capacity building of participants with regards to mecanisms and techniques
    • Train participants on the relevant tools
    • Support participants to deliver their work so per the Observatory needs