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Promoting Creativity and Innovation in Education to Foster Youth Inclusion in the Mediterranean

  • Starts: Nov 25, 2016
  • Ends: Nov 25, 2016
  • Location: La Valetta, Malta
  • By: CMI, Valletta 2018 Foundation
  • Context and Rationale

    Cities and regions in the Mediterranean are facing numerous challenges linked to an exacerbation of social spatial inequalities such as increasing migration and high youth unemployment. Cities can be a catalyst for social, economic and cultural development. While they represent engines of growth offering a range of opportunities to young people in terms of employment, training possibilities, entrepreneurship and mobility, urban centres can also be saturated spaces with a high level of unemployment and pockets of poverty in some areas.


    The quality of education remains the number one challenge toward building inclusive Arab and Mediterranean societies that are peaceful, cohesive and stable and the priority of successful transition is inclusion and participation by young people.



    The CMI-led session will focus on a new vision of education that promotes a transition from “education for all” to “learning and skills training for all”. The education model established in the twentieth century is no longer applicable in the twenty-first.  What is required instead is a comprehensive, holistic approach to education that focuses on the skills development of the person and is inclusive to all citizens.

    The session involves an experts’ panel discussion focused on:

    • Drawing a Panorama of Education in the Mediterranean region.
    • Deliberating on transformative strategies that allow education to meet the 21st Century needs.
    • Highlighting the role of intercultural dialogue in education

    Expected Results

    The aim of this session is to result in defining priority actions for the promotion of creativity in education to foster youth inclusion in the Mediterranean communities.



    Session Overview