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Pathway for Admission of Syrian Refugees

  • Starts: Mar 30, 2016
  • Ends: Mar 30, 2016
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • By: UNHCR
  • High-Level Meeting on Global Responsibility Sharing Through pathway for Admission of Syrians Refugees

    In light of the magnitude, scope, and complexity of the Syria crisis, and its impact on neighbouring countries as well as those further afield, there is an urgent need for the international community to recommit to the fundamental principle of international cooperation to share more equitably responsibilities for refugees. In this vein, UNHCR organized a ministerial-level meeting on global responsibility sharing through pathways for admission of Syrian refugees, which was convened by the High Commissioner and opened by the United Nations Secretary-General on 30 March 2016.

    The purpose of the meeting was to explore mechanisms for the admission of Syrian refugees that could be adopted by States to relieve the pressure on countries currently hosting large numbers. Such mechanisms could include resettlement, which is an important protection tool targeting the most vulnerable individuals, as well as other pathways, such as humanitarian admission or transfer, family reunification, labour mobility schemes and scholarships. Building on the generosity of some 30 countries, which have made available more than 160,000 such places to date in response to previous calls from UNHCR, it is vital to expand the collective efforts of the international community to address this refugee situation and avoid further tragedy.

    131 Member States were represented, with 24 countries represented at the Ministerial level. Close to 600 participants attended, with 462 individuals representing Member States, 33 from United Nations systems, 55 from intergovernmental organizations and other entities and 45 non-governmental institutions. Some 15,000 new places were confirmed during and immediately after the conference. As of April, 12, 2016, the overall total of places for is 201,049. In addition, up to 72,000 Syrians will be admitted to the European Union from Turkey. A total of USD 10 million was pledged by the United States and AUD 8.5 million by Australia to support UNHCR’s resettlement activities and enhance resettlement processing capacity.