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Working Toward Better Water Demand Management in Tunisia

  • Starts: Dec 09, 2015
  • Ends: Dec 10, 2015
  • Location: Tunis, Tunisia
  • By: Government of Tunisia, AFD, CMI
  • Over 50 participants from several ministries and public agencies from the water, agriculture and environment sectors as well as local and regional water administrations, representatives of water users groups, experts and researchers, and representatives from international finance institutions and agencies convened in Tunis to share the knowledge and strategic Water Demand Management (WDM) options developed under the CMI’s WDM program, focusing on the economic instruments for WDM and the decentralized management of groundwater resources as common goods. The discussions were fuelled by case studies from the Mediterranean and Tunisia and addressed the country’s specific needs and priorities, in the context of the finalization of the new Water Code and the reform of water users’ associations. Working Groups came up with a series of concrete recommendations on water efficiency, water pricing and recovery of water charges, and stressed the need for knowledge exchanges amongst stakeholders and generations, thus laying the ground for a renewed “water social contract” in Tunisia.


    The workshop also led to renewed assistance requests from the Tunisian authorities, aimed at duplicating some of the country’s successful experiences in other regions of Tunisia, and promoting a more coordinated, multi-donor approach to Water Demand Management.


    Beyond Tunisia, many of the situations and solutions discussed at the workshop are of interest for the whole MENA region.




    Concept Notes, Agenda, Opening and Participants

    Resource Materials


    Group Work, Closing Speech and Final Report

    Press Coverage