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Program Highlights

Oct 21, 2021 / Program
  Context   Local authorities in the Middle East and Turkey are still bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic socio-economic consequences, which added to their struggle to manage the additional social and economic pressure of hosting refugees and... read more
Sep 22, 2021 / Program
    Contexte    La crise sanitaire a conduit à une prise de conscience de la fragilité de certaines chaînes de valeur : fractionnement excessif des éléments de production, éloignement géographique extrême, forte concentration sur quelques fournisseurs et dépendances induites, etc.    S’y ajoutent... read more
Jul 15, 2021 / Program
[Webinar] Trade, Employment and Post-COVID Integration in Global Value Chains (GVCs)" What accompanying policies are needed to reap employment benefits in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia?   27 JULY 2021 | 15:00-17:30 PARIS TIME (09:00-11:30 AM EDT)       Rationale By allowing countries to specialize in... read more
May 31, 2021 / Program
  Virtual consultative workshop Flagship report “Transforming Markets for More and Better Jobs in MENA”: Virtual consultative      Context   The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and the World Bank, in partnership with the Policy Center for the New South, are organizing a virtual... read more
May 20, 2021 / Program
Les Webinaires Banque mondiale – CMI #4 Echanges de Connaissances sur l’Hydrogène Vert en Méditerranée   Stratégies Industrielles dans l'Hydrogène Vert en Méditerranée   15 Juin 2021 | 10:00 EDT/16:00 CET      Le CMI et la Banque mondiale organisent une série de webinaires pour promouvoir l'échange... read more
May 20, 2021 / Program
Context: The Mediterranean region holds one of the youngest populations in the world. The “youth bulge”, witnessed acutely in the southern Mediterranean, has contributed to creating a large university student population: across the entire Euro-Mediterranean region, this totals over 33 million. The... read more
May 18, 2021 / Program
Enhancing Mediterranean Integration: Regional Knowledge Series Session 2. New Dimensions of Regional Integration: From Trade to Deeper Integration     Context   Despite displaying a large potential, the three interlinked dimensions of regional integration those being —foreign direct investment,... read more
Apr 21, 2021 / Program
Rationale   Les Ateliers métropolitains sont une initiative de l'Agence des villes et territoires méditerranéens durables (AViTeM), du Centre pour l'intégration en Méditerranée (CMI) et de l'Agence française de développement (AFD) qui consistent en une série de trois formations immersives... read more
Apr 13, 2021 / Program
Background COVID-19 has had severe economic impacts on local economies and communities, particularly the most vulnerable. The pandemic has disrupted supply chains and led to reverse migration, stagnant rural non-farm economies, and devastating consequences for community/women groups, youth, and... read more
Apr 12, 2021 / Program
Les Webinaires Banque mondiale – CMI Echanges de Connaissances sur l’Hydrogène Vert en Méditerranée L'hydrogène en Méditerranée: Politiques Nationales dans une Sélection de Pays Jeudi 29 avril 2021 | 09:00 EDT/15:00CET       Contexte   Le Centre pour l'intégration méditerranéenne (CMI) et la Banque... read more
Apr 06, 2021 / Program
  Rationale The CIHEAM Watch Letter is an electronic publication sharing short contributions on the issues of... read more
Mar 22, 2021 / Program
Context   More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, the global economy has been disrupted with long-lasting adverse effects. As economic and industrial activities were brought to a near-standstill, the environment sometimes took the advantages and showed improvement in the quality of... read more
Mar 22, 2021 / Program
Background Following HMLN members’ requests, the CMI and the GIZ Connective Cities Program have been working together to increase municipal capacities in finding alternative sources of funding. Among the activities, Connective cities led a... read more
Mar 10, 2021 / Program
      Announcement   Due to the evolving situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the growing health concerns related to this virus, the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) has decided to organize its 5th edition of the World Water Day 2021 workshop virtually.   Background   Every... read more
Mar 09, 2021 / Program
  Enhancing Mediterranean Integration: Regional Knowledge Series Session 1. Setting the Stage: A New Vision for the Mediterranean   Context   Previous studies on regional integration across the Mediterranean highlighted a large underexploited potential of increasing the trade flow of goods and... read more