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Tunisia: Workshops with AUGT and APAL on Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management in Greater Tunis

Anticipate and mitigate vulnerabilities of Tunisian coastal cities facing climate change and disaster risk

May 9 and 10 in Tunis


To achieve the third objective, 3 national workshops were organized at the end of the 1st phase in Alexandria, Tunis and Casablanca, in order to present the vulnerability assessments to local decision makers and to brainstorm on possible adaptation measures. On May 30-31, 2011, a Regional workshop was organized in Marseille to present the final results of the study (risk assessments and adaptation plans) to officials of the different cities. to impulse a participatory decision process.

CMI’s aim is now to build ownership around the results at the local level, and to impulse a participatory decision process leading to the design of a programmatic action plan and to the implementation of the first priorities.


At the request of the Tunisian Ministry of Public Works, and with the help of the Urban Planning Agency of Greater Tunis (AUGT) and the Agency for the Protection and Management of Coastal Areas (APAL), CMI took part in the organisation of two workshops on adaptation to climate change and disaster risk management in Tunisian coastal cities.

The workshops took place in Tunis on May 9-10, 2012, and aimed  at further disseminating the results of the study to encourage the implementation of the first priorities in Greater Tunis and the integration of disaster risks and climate change impacts in the development strategies of other Tunisian coastal cities. The May 9 workshop, organised with AUGT, was more specifically addressed to the stakeholders of Greater Tunis. Its aim was to present the results of the study on Greater Tunis and to enable local decision makers to discuss the implementation of the action plans drafted by the consulting firm. The May 10 workshop was organised with APAL and aimed at disseminating both the study and other urban vulnerability reduction tools to all Tunisian coastal cities.

More information on the workshops:

AUGT/CMI workshop – Adaptation to climate change and disaster risk management in Greater Tunis – Tunis, May 9, 2012