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Take the Poll! MENA Citizens Living Abroad: How Would You Like to Contribute to the Economic Development of Your Country of Origin?

  • The MENA integration team at the World Bank is reaching out to MENA citizens living abroad to get their views of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) citizens living abroad on how they would like to contribute to the economic development of their country of origin. The findings from this survey will provide a better understanding of the MENA diaspora contributions to their countries of origin for the purposes of informing the World Bank, development partners, and governments on policies and programs that can enhance the development benefits of migration and diaspora.

    Many countries have seen the development of some sectors thanks to the return of their diaspora to home countries or strong links between diaspora and professionals in home countries (e.g. India, Chile, Ireland, etc.). Despite a number of publications on the role of diaspora in several countries and case studies, very little is known on the role of the diaspora in MENA countries.

    The survey questionnaire is structured around six main sections, following the outline below. Please complete all the questions to provide us with a comprehensive picture.

    Section I. General Information
    Section II. General Engagement of MENA citizens living abroad
    Section III. Investment Opportunities
    Section IV. Trade Opportunities
    Section V. Skills Transfers
    Section VI. Role of the Government and Development Institutions

    The data in this study will be kept confidential. The information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any commercial or other parties. There will be no individual attribution to any survey response. You are free to participate in this study or withdraw at any time.

    At the end of this survey you will be invited, if you wish so, to submit your name and email address as an entry in the drawing for a free iPad and to get the results of the analysis.

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    Thank you for your participation!