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Movers and Shakers

  • In its second Movers & Shakers piece, the International Labor Mobility (ILM) program asks Lant Pritchett for his thoughts on how the migration agenda might be moved forward and what misconceptions we need to shake off to do so. Pritchett draws inspiration from other successful development movements and cautions against the drive for perfection in migration: "Much of the current discourse about migration complains that existing migration isn't perfect, without a vision of there being more and better migration."  (More on this in the mini-interview attached below). Lant Pritchett is Professor of the Practice of International Development at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a non-resident fellow of the Center for Global Development.


    Movers & Shakers is a series of mini-interviews that calls on leading thinkers and do-ers to offer frank and bold suggestions for how to move the migration agenda forward and how to shake off the misconceptions that prevent its advancement. To read last month's installment of Movers and Shakers, please click here. The World Bank’s International Labor Mobility (ILM) Program convenes thought-leaders and policymakers through this thoughtpiece series to promote a broader and more productive dialogue about migration policy.