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Inception Mission for the “Cities and Climate Change” Program in Jordanian Intermediate Cities (Jordan)

The CDC-led mission had the objective of meeting with Jordanian counterparts to develop the program “Cities and Climate Change,” which is co-led by the WB, in several Jordanian intermediate cities. During the mission, meetings took place with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, the Ministry of Water, Ministry of Environment, technical organizations (such as Civil Defense and the Jordanian Meteorological Department) and other donors.  It facilitated discussion for the possibility of CMI and CDC support of an activity on adaptation to climate change and disaster risk management in intermediate cities and for specification of the following points regarding the study: identification of two to three cities (the mayors of which were met during the mission), identification of the set of risks which would be assessed, identification of existing data on risk assessment and disaster risk management on Jordanian cities, and specification of expected outputs of the study, considering existing projects and Jordanian authorities’ needs. Discussions will continue in close coordination with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for pursuing the project design.