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Disaster Risk Management: Planning Together For Efficiency - Interviews with Decision-Makers and Experts from MENA Region and Beyond

Tags: Other / Cities / Resilience / Urban / 2014
  • The MENA Urbanization Knowledge Platform (MENA UKP) team is proud to release the second round of its six video blogs series on the resilience of cities in MENA and beyond.


    These interviews see city leaders, decision-makers, development experts, academics, private sector representatives, from the MENA region and beyond, reflect on the rising concern of urban risk management. They share their views on challenges they face and successful measures taken to enhance the resilience of their cities.


    The interviews were conducted during the UKP high-level workshop “Increasing the Resilience of Cities: What Can City Leaders Learn From International Experience?” organized by the World Bank in Marseille in May 2014, in partnership with the CMI, the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR).


    Disaster Risk Management: Planning Together For Efficiency



    • video 4- Why Build Disaster Risk Management Strategies?



    More videos coming soon on “Enhancing City Resilience to Boost the Economy”.

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