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CMI Participates in Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development on the Theme “Towards a Return to Leadership in Science”

  • Research and development are the most important generators of knowledge and major knowledge transfer channels within knowledge-based economies systems; so that the partnerships among universities, research & development institutions on the one hand and nationalization aided by public policy and private sector investment on the other, is crucial in the use of this knowledge. In recent decades, developed countries and major international players became aware of this fact, and they significantly expanded their expenditures on research and development, on both public and private sector levels. Similarly, some developing countries in East and Southeast Asia became aware of this fact, and hence increased their spending on science, technology and innovation, and achieved high growth rates and job creation. In the Arab world, scientific research activities have emerged and expanded under the pressures of social demand, yet their link to the actual economic needs has been and still is rather weak. Therefore, there is an urgent need to increase and strengthen partnerships and linkages among the sectors of education, RDI and economy in the Arab world. There is also the need to promote communications with, and to benefit from, global expertise and the Arab Diaspora.


    The Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development is an effort made by ALECSO to contribute to the building of effective partnerships among the sectors of education, scientific research and other sectors concerned with development and related issues in the Arab world. This annual Forum will provide an Arab platform that is unique in its nature, unlike conventional conferences and meetings. It aims to gather senior officials and decision makers at the related Arab ministries of planning, economic development, education, research, industry, and agriculture with scientists and researchers from universities, training & research institutions, private sector, producers and service providers in the Arab countries. The Forum is a formal, scientific and economic event that provides an appropriate platform for cooperation and integration between the participating organizations that should facilitate and enable the creation of appropriate mechanisms to link graduate programs and scientific research projects that are conducted at universities and research centres with the needs of Arab communities and relevant developmental plans.


    The Forum provides space for Arab experts, researchers and specialists in addition to Arab institutions and corporations to communicate with their respective counterparts on regional and international levels. Furthermore it aims to attract scientists and Arab experts in the Diaspora, enabling them to contribute to the localization and transfer of technology to Arab countries and to participate actively in the implementation of their development programs. 


    Objectives of the Forum


    The Forum aims to enhance the contribution of universities, research centres and innovators in Arab developmental arenas through:

    • Contributions towards strengthening cooperation among Arab ministries on the one hand, and educational institutions, training and scientific research centres. Activation of partnerships among universities, research centres and development institutions on one-hand, production and service companies on the other.
    • Encouragement of Arab researchers and innovators and linking them to specialized companies to transform their innovations into products and economic projects; in addition to enhancing communications with Arab scholars in the Diaspora in order to benefit from their expertise in the development of Arab countries
    • Contribution, facilitation and strengthening of the role of the private sector in supporting, encouraging and financing scientific research activities in Arab countries, and investing in venture capital.
    • Contribution towards the development of Arab industries for scientific publishing, educational supplies manufacturing and digital e-learning content production

    Sharing Arab and international successful and best practices and experiences that will better enable Arab countries and institutions to learn or take advantage of such practices.

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