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Young Tunisian Entrepreneurs Push to Change Attitudes to Jobs

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Apr 27, 2016 / 0 Comments

Five years after its political revolution, Tunisia’s government has acknowledged economic challenges, including a lack of foreign investment and a high unemployment rate. Many Tunisians call for a second revolution, this time for economic opportunities, including entrepreneurship and the employment it creates. Although being an entrepreneur in Tunisia is not always easy: just to register a company can be challenging. Hamdy Ben Salah-featured here- is among the young Tunisians fighting to make Tunisia an entrepreneurship hub.


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Christine Petré

Christine Petré is a partner and editor at the hugely popular young news site Your Middle East that provides breaking news and in-depth analysis from across the Middle East and North Africa region. Christine is a freelance writer, blogger and journalist based in Tunis, Tunisia. She is passionate about journalism & international relations, especially conflict & humanitarian issues in MENA. Her writings have been published in numerous newspapers and news sites globally, such as the Middle East Monitor, The Atlantic Post, Your Middle East, Islamist Gate, Courrier International, Africa Times News, Consultancy Africa Intelligence, Epoch Times, Think Africa Press, TT.


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