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She too is a #WaterHero

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Apr 16, 2018 / 0 Comments

For so long women have represented the symbol of resilience. In the water sector they are no different. In the Middle East and North Africa, the world’s most water-stressed region, women are playing their part in protecting water and fighting water scarcity. 


This project was initiated during the CMI's World Water Day Youth Workshop: Nature-based Solutions for a Water Secure Mediterranean.


She the Lead



"I started volunteering and working with refugees on various projects including human rights and environmental justice when I was 12 years old.
When it comes to environmental justice, women take the lead to ensure that their families get adequate living standard, water, food, and basic human rights."


Kholoud Al-Ajarma, Winner of WaterHeroes Contest, MedYWat [1]Member, Projects Manager, Laje'oon Center, Palestinian Territories



She the Future



"It is when I had my son, Hussein, that I felt the proudest about being an environmentalist working to improve water security in Jordan. It made me realize that I was actively building a better future for him and those of his generation."


Fatima Albatoul Sabbahi, MedYWat Member, President of Al-Azem Environmental Association, Jordan



She the Power



"I started becoming deeply passionate with understanding the environment when I specialized in water. My passion grew and with it my ambition. My aspiration today is to solve our current water issue in Palestine through education. I truly believe that women hold the power and can ensure water awareness is passed along from one generation to the other."


Lamis Qdemat, MedYWat Coordinator, CEO and Founder of Water Heroes Game, Palestinian Territories



She the Belief



"Will she be able to manage her personal and professional life? Will she be able to work under harsh conditions in construction sites alongside men?
These questions were always put out there leaving me and my merits under constant scrutiny. But my belief in myself was never raddled! I started my work in the municipality of Karak, as water and environmental engineer when I was 23 years-old. I am now 33 years-old and one of the youngest female municipal executive managers!"


Sajeda Rahaife, MedYWat Member, Municipal Executive Manager, Karak Municipality, Jordan



She the Life



"As children, we were always told tales of mystery and power but one story marked my childhood and shaped my future: the story of the force that gives life to God's creations! This tale of water, bringing life as it flows, significantly contributed to who I have become. Protecting this force has been and will always be my goal."


Roula Khadra, International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM)



She the History



"Women are the keepers of nations' heritage. In our journey to look for tales and stories around water use, we realized that our collective memory is based on the memories of women throughout generations. They have had a massive impact on the creation of our traditions. Today I tell stories to carry on that tradition and to make sure the next generation does too!"


Kholoud Belhedi, Winner of WaterHeroes Contest, MedYWat Member, Counteuses du Maghreb, Tunisia




[1] The Mediterranean Youth for water (MedYWat) It is a community of young water professionals from different backgrounds working on water in the Mediterranean managed by the Center for Mediterranean Integration Marseille. This group was launched during the first Wold Water Day youth workshop on treated wastewater reuse (Marseille, March 2017).

Myriam Ben Ghazi

Myriam Ben Ghazi is a communication consultant for the CMI. 

Prior to joining, she worked as a country local expert for Brainville, a German think-tank advising on the political and social situation of the North African region. Myriam has over four years of experience in the field of media and communication having worked as a journalist with both local and international organizations and covered important events in Tunisia and abroad.


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