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Education in Egypt Needs Permanent Solutions, Not “Band-Aids”

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Sep 17, 2015 / 0 Comments

“Is this meant to be a band-aid?” one participant intervened. This intriguing comment, made during consultations held in Cairo on an education initiative by the World Bank Group and Islamic Development Bank, describes what many people think about past interventions in Egypt’s education system.
There is consensus among all those I meet or listen to that education is the top priority in Egypt. It is clear in formal and informal surveys and discussions. When the World Bank held other consultations before drawing up its Egypt strategy for the next five years, education topped the concerns of both government and non-government agencies about the main socio-economic challenges facing the country.


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Amira Kazem

Amira Kazem is an Operations Officer in Education Sector - Middle East and North Africa region. She supports the education portfolio with a focus on skills development and TVET in Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan. She joined the Bank in 1998 as an HD Economist in the middle east and north africa region. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management and a Masters of Economics and a bachelor of science in computer science from the American University in Cairo.


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