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Early Childhood Education is Not a Luxury

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Sep 17, 2015 / 0 Comments

Observers of the educational landscape in the Maghreb countries are often left with the impression that early childhood education is more a luxury than a necessity. While child-care centers, kindergartens, and other preschool institutions are thriving in the big cities, backed by a private sector that is filling the void left by the public education system, the public preschool system continues to be neglected.


In order to understand the importance of early childhood education, the status of universal education in the region needs to be examined a little more closely.



With Morocco recently closing the gap, bringing it on par with Algeria and Tunisia which achieved near-universal primary education in the 1980s, can it be said that the Maghreb countries have finally won the battle against illiteracy and a lack of education?  Far from it. 


Continue reading the article on the World Bank’s blog here.

Braham, Kamel

Kamel Braham is a World Bank Program Leader based in Rabat, Morocco. Prior to joining the Bank in 2006, Mr. Braham was a Director of the University Mission of Tunisia in  North America (1997-2003), and the Director of Planning, Statistics and Information Technology at the Ministry of Higher Education (1991-1997). He holds a Masters in Economics from the Université de Tunis
El Manar and the Ecole nationale d’Administration.


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